Focus Architecutre Porperty Reports

Property Report Example

We have often been asked for advice about existing properties by potential clients looking to purchase a property for their new house or for significant renovation works.

In response to this, we have decided to offer a ‘Property Report’ that provides a detailed review and assessment of the property with a particular emphasis on House Design constraints.

The benefit of this report is that it allows the client to reduce the risk of purchasing a property that has issues or problems that adversely impact on what they may be hoping to achieve. It may also assist with negotiations with the owner. We have attached a copy of an example that illustrates the inclusions of the report.

The report can also be useful for vendors as it can be distributed to potential purchasers and may illustrate the benefits of the property if it has no significant problems or issues.

There are a range of issues that can trip up purchasers, and while there is normally a solution to most of them, this can result in unexpected additional costs, delays, or design compromises so it is best to know about them in advance.

Examples of these issues are:

  • Town Planning constraints
  • Flooding issues
  • Noise and acoustic issues
  • Underground infrastructure
  • Services
  • Bushfire Overlays (which can impact on inner city properties)
  • Driveway crossovers
  • Contours
  • Building Envelope constraints
  • Boundary setback constraints
  • Height constraints

The cost of these reports varies according to the size, location and nature of the property but is $385 for a standard site in suburban Brisbane. (exact price to be confirmed on application).

To get a free copy of the property report please contact us.