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Building Design & Architectural Process

We specialise in the application of modern digital technology to the practice of Residential Architecture and Design. We now design and document all of our projects using 3D modelling software. We love to create new houses and transform existing houses using this technology, because it brings the designs to life and allows you to see the finished result and experience the spaces first-hand before incurring significant expenditure on the project. Many of our clients have expressed concern about the potential for the project costs to exceed their budget.

Our processes address this problem by involving experienced house builders in the early stages of the project. Focus works with a panel of selected house builders to provide cost & budget information during the conceptual stages of the project to avoid the common problems that clients experience when their dream design turns out to be far too expensive to build. These are professional and highly competent Builders who are happy to assist in the process as it makes it much easier for them later when things move into the construction phases.

We are registered as a Queensland Government Self-Assessed Quality Assured Supplier as of 8 January 2012. This achievement is recognition for the systems and processes that we have in place for all of our projects.

The registration has also resulted in an increase to our Pre-Qualified Consultant rating which is now at Level 3 – Certificate 909A.

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